Yasutoshi Makino  (in Japanese)



Center for Education and Research of Symbiotic, Safe and Secure System Design, Keio University,
4-1-1, Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, 223-8526, Japan
                  TEL/FAX: +81-45-566-1442
                  E-mail: makino(at)sdm.keio.ac.jp       (Please replace at
à @)



Current Projects

Life log system with vibratory sensor on a fingernail
Tactile display based on dual vibratory sensation
Human tactual perceptual characteristics

Previous Projects

Tactile display using gSuction Pressure Stimulation.h
Two Dimensional Communication Technology.
     Instruction movie on Youtube.
     Explanation page by prof. Shinoda,  Project Page for SIGGRAPH2008.
     Ubiquitous Tactile Display (with Japanese subtitle)

Electromyography for Man-Machine Interface Using Two Dimensional Communication.